Install Kodi Debian 9 Stretch Tutorial

In this tutorial, install Kodi Debian 9 Stretch. We are going to install Kodi. On a computer with Debian. This is going to be done via the command line.

Kodi is a free media player. Kodi makes it very easy to watch videos, music, and more. to organize from local storage, network storage or via the internet. It comes with many useful functions. But you can expand the functions with add-ons. .

Download Kodi for Debian 9 Stretch

It is needed. Dat we een een update uitvoeren.

sudo apt-get update

Now we can download Kodi, and install. You can choose between different versions.

Install stable version for Debian

Use the command below. for the stable version of Kodi.

sudo apt-get install kodi

Je bent nu klaar met de installatie van Kodi op Debian.

Install Beta version for Debian

Add the Beta repository for Kodi.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/xbmc-nightly

We now have to do an update. Otherwise, the beta respistory is not found.

sudo apt-get update

Use the command below. for the beta version of Kodi.

sudo apt-get install kodi

The Beta version of Kodi is now installed.

Kodi removal on Debian 9 Stretch

It is needed. That we are the first to perform an update.

sudo apt-get update

You can remove Kodi with the following. The asterisk indicates that everything is being deleted. What starts with Kodi, and what comes after.

sudo apt-get remove kodi*

Completely remove Kodi from Debian Stretch 9. We do with the below.

sudo apt-get purge kodi*

Software cleanup.

sudo apt-get autoremove

Kodi is now completely removed, from your Debian 9 system.

This was the Kodi install Debian 9 Stretch tutorial.

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