Install Lidarr Docker to download music

We are going to install Lidarr Docker on a Synology system. So you can automatically download music. This can be done via the newsgroups. But also via the bittorent network.

Docker installation for Lidarr

You need to install Docker on your Synology. If you haven’t already. Docker has the advantage that you are less dependent on Synology. You get a lot more programs available on your Synology system.

Open your Synology system.

Then go to the Packe center.

install Docker for lidarr

Go to the All Packages tab.

Search for Docker.

Then click Install.

Install Lidarr Docker

We can now install Lidarr on Docker.

Docker for synology shortcut

Click the icon of your Synology page at the top left.

And enter Docker in the search field.

add docker image

Now go to the Image tab. Select add. And then Add from URL.

link lidarr docker

Then enter the following url.

Then click on Add. And now wait.

docker latest version lidarr

the latest version And then Select.

lidarr image docker

Select Lidarr. Then Start.

lidarr restart docker

Open Advanced Settings.

Check the box Allow auto-restart. So that Lidarr is automatically restarted.

Then Apply and then Next.

lidarr docker installation

Add Now. And then wait.

lidarr container docker

Lidarr can now be found at container.

It is possible to access Lidarr via http://ip-synology:8686

This was the Lidarr Docker installation tutorial.

Docker Lidarr tutorial

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