Debian install Lidarr to download music

Install Lidarr Debian

In this Debian install Lidarr tutorial. We are going to install Lidarr on a computer with the Debian OS . So that your music is automatically downloaded from the newsgroups.

Install Lidarr Debian

Install necessary software for Lidarr installation.

sudo apt install curl mediainfo sqlite3 libchromaprint-tools

Now we are going to download Lidarr.

wget –content-disposition ‘’

Now we need to unpack the Lidarr program.

tar -xvzf Lidarr.linux.tar.gz

Move Lidarr to the opt folder.

sudo mv Lidarr/ /opt

Correct the permissions on the Lidarr map. Beware! Channge username and group. To your own username and group.

sudo chown -R gebruikersnaam:groep /opt/Lidarr

Autostart Lidarr Debian

Download the Lidar.tar.gz. Look at this site for the correct version.

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/lidarr.service

Paste the following script here. Change the username and group to your own.

Description=Lidarr Daemon

ExecStart=/opt/Lidarr/Lidarr -nobrowser -data=/var/lib/lidarr/

Reload from boot.

sudo systemctl -q daemon-reload

Add Lidarr script to autostart.

sudo systemctl enable –now -q lidarr

Lidarr is now available on port 8686. You can now access Lidarr on http://localhost:8686.

If Lidarr does not start, perform the following for more information.

sudo journalctl –since today -u lidarr

This was the tutorial Debian install Lidarr to download music.

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