Install SickGear Ubuntu 20+

sickgear install ubuntu

In this Install SickGear Ubuntu tutorial, we are going to install SickGear on a computer running Ubuntu 20+. If you have a lower Ubuntu version, this tutorial may not work for you. I advise you to install a recent Ubuntu version.

With SickGear you can automatically download new TV episodes from the newsgroups.

Install SickGear Ubuntu 20+

As always do an update first.

sudo apt-get update

Benodigd heden installeren voor SickGear.

sudo apt-get install git unrar-free -y

Install pipe.

sudo apt install python3-pip

Download SickGear and place it in the desired folder.

sudo git clone /opt/sickgear

Correct the permissions folder for your user.

sudo chown yoursername -R /opt/sickgear

Go to the SickGear folder.

cd /opt/sickgear

Install the SickGear requirements.
python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
python3 -m pip install -r recommended.txt

Check to make sure Cheetah is installed.

python3 -m pip list

You can now start SickGear with the command below.

Automatically start SickGear when booting Ubuntu

Edit sickgear.conf file

sudo nano /etc/init/sickgear.conf

Copy and paste the following here.

description “startup script for SickGear”


start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [016]


exec /opt/sickgear/

Edit the following file.

sudo nano /etc/init/sickgear.conf

Copy and paste the below.


You can now start, restart and stop SickGear with the following.

sudo service sickgear start

sudo service sickgear stop

sudo service sickgear restart

This was the tutorial to install SickGear Ubuntu.

SickGear Ubuntu tutorial

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