Automatically translate subtitles with Subtitle Edit

Translate subtitles automatically tutorial. I’m going to explain to you how to automatically create subtitles with Subtitle Edit. You do need English subtitles for this. Or an another foreign subtitles. These English subtitles can often be found. Or it is already present in your movie file. If the subtitles are not yet available, see Subtitles website overview.

Automatic translation takes quite some time.

Download and install subtitle edit

Download subtitle edit

You can download the latest version from

Choose the top version with

Subtitle edit setup

Open the zip file. And then choose the Setup.exe

Subtitle Edit foreign

Select your laungage and then OK.

agreement Subtitle Edit

Check the box I accept the license agreement. And then Next.

Subtitle Edit installation folder

Click Next.

addons Subtitle Edit

Again on Next.

Subtitle Edit name

Press Next.

Subtitle Edit shortcut

Check the box Link srt files to subtitle edit.

overview Subtitle Edit

Click Next.

Subtitle Edit installation done.

Click Finish.

The Subtitle Edit program is now installed on your computer.

Remove the deaf and hard of hearing in the subtitles

With English subtitling, it often happens that there are lines of text for the deaf and hard of hearing. Like, for example. Pete opens the door that creaks.

We obviously want these lines to be removed before it is translated. Because translation takes quite some time. Even if you translate it automatically.

image 10

Click File and then Open. Look up the English SRT file. You can download it from well-known websites. See download srt files.

image 11

Then go to Tools. And choose Remove text for hearing impaired

remove deaf and hard of hearing text from subtitle.

If something is found Click Apply and then OK.

In my case nothing is found.

Automatically translate subtitles with Google Translate

Now we can automatically translate the subtitles.

At the top of the menu, click Auto Translate. And then on again Auto Translate.

google translate subtitle edit without api

Check whether From is set to English and To is set to your foreign language.

Press on Translate. This may take some time. Before the translation is done. It seems like the program crashes. But this is not the case. You have to have patience.

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