Automatically create Google translate subtitles online

In this tutorial Automatically create Google translate subtitles. I am going to explain to you how to do an automatic translation with Google translate. You have to take this into account. That it doesn’t go perfectly this way. This way everything is literally translated. As an example, “Mr. Gold” becomes Mr. Gold. Of course, not as it should be. Unfortunately you will have to adjust this manually.

Download the English subtitles

You can also use a language other than English. But the Google translate works best with English. These are also more available. Pay attention! Whether it’s not a hard-of-hearing English version. Otherwise, you also get translations like “The door makes a squeaky sound”. Sometimes you can easily recognize these subtitles. Then it says at SDH. This stands for Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing.

For starters, you need an English subtitle. This can be found on the various subtitle sites. If you have downloaded this subtitle. Then this is often an SRT file. You will find this “” file. to a “subtitle.txt” file. Google does not handle SRT files.

Translate subtitles with Google Translate

Translate subtitles google translate

You need to log in to

  1. Choose Documents.
  2. Select English (left)
  3. Select Dutch (right)
  4. Press the blue Browse button on your computer. Look up the txt file here. Which you just renamed from srt to txt.
  5. You will now get a blank screen with the subtitles. Select all.
  6. Create a new blank srt file on your computer.
    You may not be unable to see extensions of files. Then, in your Windows Explorer, go to View. And check file name extensionshere.
  7. Paste everything in here. You can possibly adjust some text yourself.
  8. You’re done now. Give the srt file, the same name as the movie file.

This was the manual Google translate subtitle translation. There are many other ways to translate subtitles. But of course this is the fastest way. If the subtitles are not yet available for download.

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