Install Binreader Windows

In this tutorial we are going to install the Binreader program. So you can download from the newsgroups with it. The newsgroups are also known as Usenet.

Download Binreader

you can download Binreader from:

Download Binreader

Download binreader option 2

Then choose the Windows installer.

Install binreader

binreader setup

Once you’ve started the Setup. Then click Next.

binreader agreement

You must now check I accept the terms in the license Agreeement. And then click Next.

binreader installation location

Now choose the location where you want to install Binreader. This is by clicking on the change button. And then choose a location.

After that, click Next.

binreader install

Click the Install button. And Binreader is installed.

binreader installation ready

If the installation has gone well, the next screen will appear

And then click Finish. You’re ready to start Binreader now.

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Binreader tutorial Windows

  1. Binreader tutorial.
  2. Install Binreader Windows.
  3. Configure Binreader Windows.

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