Install Alt.Binz Windows to download from Usenet

In this tutorial we are going to install the program Alt.Binz. And then we’re going to configure Alt.Binz. To download from the newsgroups.

Download Alt.Binz

Download Alt.Binz location 1

Download Alt.Binz location 2

Install Alt.Binz

Once we’ve downloaded Alt.Binz. Then we will start the Setup.

Altz.bin setup

We click nexthere.

altzbinz install folder

Then we choose the location here to install the program. We do this by clicking browse.

Then click Install.

altz-binz-ready install alt binz

Click Finsih. AltBinz installation is complete.

In the next step, we will configure Alt.Binz to download from the newsgroups.

Install Alt.Binz Windows tutorial

  1. Alt.Binz tutorial.
  2. Install alt.binz.
  3. Alt.binz configure.

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