Configure sonarr with NZBGet Ubuntu for downloading tv show.

In This guide, configure Sonarr with NZBGet Ubuntu. We are going to configure Sonarr to download TV series from the newsgroups. Before you start this tutorial. NZBGet must already be installed. And you must be able to download from the newsgroups with this. If this is not yet the case, first see the tutorial Installing NZBGet Ubuntu.

Sonarr Media Management

sonnar settings

Go to Settings and then the Tablad Media Management.

Sonarr Media Management

Rename Episode sets it to Yes.

You might wonder why rename? Well that’s very simple quite what releases are encrypted. Because of this you get strange filenames. So as for example “02ffbc012106519975abb1a24014ef13. x264” And then it becomes a huge mess. And programs so as Auto-sub and Kodi can not handle here well.

therefore see the settings below.

Standard Episode Format “{Series.Title}. SE{season:00}.{ Episode.Title}{episode:00}{Quality.Full}-{Release.Group}”

Daily Episode Format “{Series Title} -{Air-Date}- {Episode Title} {Quality Full}”

Series Folder Format “{Series Title}”

Season Folder Format “{Series Title}”

Create empty series folders Yes

Download Propers Yes

Analyse video files Yes

Sonarr Profiles

Now go to the Tablad profiles.

tv profiles sonarr

Click a section that you want to start using. And adjust this to your own preference. Above is my preference. It is best to leave the language on English. Unless a TV series is also available in your own language. But the chance is very small that it is found.

By hovering over the three indents, you can adjust the order of what Sonarr tries to download first. At Cutoff you indicate when Sonarr has to stop searching. When you’re done, click Save.

Sonarr Quality

big tv files sonarr

Now we go to the Tablad Quality. By default, the Minuim Quality is 0. It’s best to customize it. So that some junk is filtered. Beware! If you download animation series do not put it too low. Because this type of TV series are usually much smaller than a normal TV series.

Beware! As you can see, you also have to change the Title here to keep them close to the scene name. Of the dashes make a point and 1080p and 720p must be at the front. Zo as na example “720p.HDTV”.

Sonarr Indexers

newznab add sonarr

Now go to Tablad indexes. These are the sites whose NZB files are downloaded automatically. The more indexers you add, the more likely you are to download your TV series. See also Newznab provider for an overview of Newznab sites. Create an account with some of these Newznab providers. If you have done so, click on the plus.

Sonarr Newznab Costume

Then, at Neznab, click Costume.

Sonarr newznab server setup

Enter the details of the Newznab site.

neznab api usenet craweler

The API key can almost always be found in your account settings on the NewzNab site. If you did that do a Test first and Save. Now add all your Newznab sites in this way.

It’s best to leave some Newznab sites. If you also have other programs like Headphones or CouchPotato for example. So you get the Api hits divided. If you have an account with a paid Newznab site then it often doesn’t matter. Because then you have enough API requests.

If you have already added the NewzNab sites. You also need too activate the below Newznab provider.

You do this in the same way you only need no account.

add sickbeard sonar


Categories 5030.5040

sonarr options age retention

Now we scroll slightly to gangs and here you see Options.

Minimum Age to 5.

Retention Here you enter the retention of your Usenet provider. This ensures that no API requests are wasted. what your Usenet provider can’t download anyway.

RSS Sync Interval Set it to 20 or more. But not too much. Else it can already be gone. But certainly no less otherwise you can also quickly go through your APi requests.

restrictions sonar

If you go slightly to gangs you will see restrictions. Klick on that plus and add to the field Must not contain x265. If your media player can’t handle it. Most media players can only handle x264. I also added ACC 2.0 because I want to have at least 5.1 sound.

Sonarr NZBget as download client setup

Go to the Tablad download client.

add sonarr newznab

Click on the plus.

Configure Sonarr with NZBGet Ubuntu

Fill in the above information. Beware! Please enter your own username and password and possibly another port.

Recent Priority should be lower than Older priority. Because it is often trickier to download old TV episodes than TV episodes that are just out.

Now click Test. If the test has gone well click Save. If it is not good, you may have entered a wrong username or password.

Note catagory should be tv!

nzbget set cagtegory sonarr

The above settings must be in NZBGet. You can find it in NZBGet under Settings and then Category

Sonarr Connect

If you have a media player so as I have. Then you need to enter the data. So that your libary is updated with the latest TV series. Do you not have this. Then you can skip these next two steps.

Go to the Tablad Connect.

Newznab Add

Click on the plus.

set up kodi sonarr ubuntu

These are my settings. But those are usually different for each person. Click on Test. And then on Save.

Sonarr metadata

Sonarr kodi setup download images

This option is only used if you have a media player. Otherwise you can skip this too. These are my settings for Kodi. This will ensure that covers are downloaded for Kodi.

Sonarr Add Existing Series

You can skip this step if you haven’t downloaded a TV series at all.

Sonnar extising series

If you already have some tv show. You can add them in Sonarr by clicking on Import Extisting series on Disk.

add series sonarr

Click the Blue folder and select the folder where your existing series are. Then click the Green checkmark. Your Tv shows are now added.

Create Sonarr folders for TV series

We will create the folders using the command line. So make a connection again with putty.

Go to the appropriate hardisk where you want to create the folder unless you have onlusten on hard disk.


The above indicates which hard drives are available.

cd /dev/sda1

Go to the correct hard drive see above command as example. With the command CD you go to a folder.

sudo mkdir tv

The above command creates a TV folder.

sudo chmod -R 777 tv

The above command gives all users full rights to the TV folder.

Sonarr Add TV Shows

Sonarr Series

Go back to Sonarr. And click Series.

Sonarr Series Add

Click Add Series

Sonarr Tvshow

Enter the name of the tv show.

folders set sonarr

If you find the desired tv is found. Choose path ADD a difrent path and specify the location where you want the tv show to be saved. In my example, the name of the folder is TV. Please note. That you have selected the desired profile that you customized or created. At the Tablad profiles

Sonarr will now look up your TV SHOW. Via the Newznab sites you provided. And then NZBGet downloads your TV show. And Sonarr set this TV show in the correct folder.

If you have any questions, please leave a message. And also see the page Sonarr FAQ most frequently asked questions.

Sonarr Ubuntu manual

  1. Sonarr tutorial.
  2. Install Sonarr Ubuntu via the command line.
  3. Configure Sonarr with NZBGet.

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