Torrent transmission install Ubuntu

In this guide install Torrent transmission Ubuntu. We’re going to install Torrent Transmission. On a computer that Ubuntu is installed on. Start your SSH program now. This can be done, for example, with the putty program. And connect to your Ubuntu computer.

Torrent transmission install Ubuntu

Add the Torrent Transmission download location. To your Ubuntu.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:transmissionbt/ppa

Update your download locations.

sudo apt-get update

Download and install Torrent Transmission.

sudo apt-get install transmission-cli transmission-common

The installation of Torrent Transmission. It’s done now.

Torrent tranmission automatically start Ubuntu

Now we will take care of it. That Torrent transmission starts automatically. During the start-up of the computer.

Now we’re going to have a deamon. For Torrent Transmission install.

sudo apt-get install transmission-daemon

We have to be safe. Just reload the settings.

sudo service transmission-daemon reload

You can now use the commands below to start Torrent Transmission. Or to stop this one. The reload option ensures it. That the settings are reloaded.

sudo service transmission-daemon start
sudo service transmission-daemon stop
sudo service transmission-daemon restart
sudo service transmission-daemon reload

You are now done with the installation of Torrent Transmission. And Torrent Transmission. Starts automatically now. During the startup of Ubuntu.

Torrent transmision commands

Here’s a list of commands you can use with Torrent Transmission.

Show all the stats from your torrent files.

transmission-remote -n ‘transmission:transmission’ -si

Start all Torrent files.

transmission-remote -n ‘transmission:transmission’ -s

Stop all Torrent files.

transmission-remote -n ‘transmission:transmission’ -S

Add torrent file.

transmission-remote -n ‘transmission:transmission’ -a /var/lib/transmission-daemon/downloads/file.torrent

Delete all Torrent files.

transmission-remote -n ‘transmission:transmission’ -r

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