Install HTPC Manager Synology to manage your media content

In this tutorial Install HTPC Manager Synology. We are going to install HTPC Manager on your Synology device with DSM 6 or higher. It may also work with DSM 5. However I have not been able to test this.

Add HTPC Manager installation option

If you’ve already added Then you can skip this.

Before we can install HTPC Manager. We need to add a repository first. Otherwise, your Synology device will not know where to download HTPC Manager.

We are going to add the following repository .

You open your browser. And open the page of your Synology NAS webpage.

Synology Package Center-um

If you are logged in, go to the Package Center.

Synology Settings

NOS choose Settings

Allow Synology package sources installation

Put a checkmark on each publisher .


Now go to Package sources.

Then click Add.

Please enter a name .

At Location. Enter the following “” Now click OK and then OK again.

You’re done now’s now added as a repository.

Should the website be unavailable. Then you can also download the SPK from Https:// You will have to install HTPC Manager manually.

Install HTPC Manager Synology

Now we can start the package installation and start the installation of HTPC Manager on your Synology.

synology package centerum

Go back Package center.

synology community

Scroll down. and click Community.

Install HTPC Manager Synology

Locate HTPC Manager.

And now click Install.

HTPC Manager will now be installed.

When the installation of HTPC Manager is complete. Then you can approach it via http://je-nas-ip-adres:8087

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