SickGear FAQ frequently asked questions

This is an overview of SickGear FAQ. If you run into something with SickGear, you can most likely find the answer to your questions here.

What systems is SickGear available on?

SickGear is available on a lot of systems. Such as Windows, Linux, MacOS and even well-known nas systems such as QNAP and Synology.

How to update default download quality??

Use menu… Manage/Bulk Change, then Shift/Ctrl click select items -> use Edit Selected button, set quality Submit button.

How can I use hevc/x265?

Browse to the menu item config/Search then Media Search and then remove hevc and x265 from “Ignore result with any word” and then save.

Get the message Local branch is ahead of . Automatic update not possible when updating SickGear

Close SickGear.
Open a command prompt, and change directory to the SickGear app directory… Enter < branch name> as git reset –hard origin/main or git reset –hard origin/develop

Launch SickGear and click on the “Check for Updates” menu item

Still can’t figure it out?

Then leave a comment under this SickGear FAQ most frequently asked questions. Maybe we can help you with your SickGear problem.

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