Add subtitles to your movie file with MKVToolNix Windows

In this tutorial I will explain to you. How to add subtitles to your movie file. So you don’t have separate SRT files. The advantage may also be that your TV can find the subtitles.

Download MKVToolNix 64 bit

Install MKVToolNix

Selecteer English .

MKVToolNix install

Click Next.

Again Volgende.

press install

Finish installing MKVToolNix

Then Next.

MKVToolNix installation ready

Now press Finish.

Now launch the MKVtoolNix Gui.

Add subtitles to your movie file

Now click with your right mouse button. Under Source files. And click add files.

Find your movie file. And then your Subtitle file. Usually the subtitle file has the extension SRT.

Mocht je nog geen ondertitel bestand hebben. Zie dan, De ondertitel websites. Om er één te downloaden.

MKVToolNix language subtitle file

If you have selected subtitles. Then you have to set the language to your preferred language . Otherwise that language is not correct. When selecting the correct subtitles on your TV.

If the subtitles are not synchronized with your film or series.

Dan kan je met Vertraging en Oprekken. De tijd aanpassen. Je kan dit het beste eerst testen met VLC.

Now click Start Merge.

Now it’s time to wait.

You are now done with the tutorial Adding subtitles to your movie file.

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