install HeadPhones via command line Ubuntu

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In this tutorial install HeadPhones command line Ubuntu We are going to install HeadPhones. We will then configure HeadPhones with NZBGet. So that your desired music albums are downloaded. From the newsgroups. If you have not yet installed NZBget. See first. Install the NZBGet Ubuntu tutorial.

install HeadPhones via command line Ubuntu

If you have not yet installed Python. Then first execute the command below. To install Python.

sudo apt-get install git-core python

We must install gitfirst. If that hasn’t been done yet. We do this by executing the following command.

sudo apt-get install git-core

We must know for sure that we are in the home directory. So execute the following command.

cd ~

Then type below to download HeadPhones. It will place Headphones in a hidden folder “.headphones”. Pay attention to the dot!

git clone .headphones

Now go to the folder HeadPhones.

cd .headphones

To start HeadPhones, type the command below.


To open HeadPhones. In your browser go to http://localhost:8181 or the ip address of your other computer to configure your settings in HeadPhones.

Automatically start HeadPhones when Ubuntu starts

We must be sure that we are in the HeadPhones folder.

cd ~/.headphones

Now we are going to create a deamon for HeadPhones. So that it starts automatically when Ubuntu is started.

sudo cp init.ubuntu /etc/init.d/headphones

Now the file rights

sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/headphones

And now apply the settings.

sudo update-rc.d headphones defaults

Now, we need to adjust the daemon’s settings.

sudo nano /etc/default/headphones

Remove the ## from the following options. And indicate the correct location where HeadPhones is installed. Don’t forget the dot!

HP_USER= username Ubuntu
HP_DATA=home/your username/.headphones

Personally, I find it clear if HeadPhones. Running in the same port range. Just like SickRage and NZBGet. So, I adjust the port right here.

And now check if it works.

sudo /etc/init.d/headphones start

You are now done with the installation of HeadPhones on Ubuntu.

Headphones Ubuntu install tutorial

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