Install Reader Windows

In this install Readarr Windows tutorial we are going to install the Readarr program on a Windows OS. In this tutorial I use Windows 10. It may look a little different on Windows 11. But it will be about the same.

With Readar you can automatically download E-books and audio books via the newsgroups or via torrent files.

Readarr Download Windows

You can download Readarr for Windows here.

Install Reader Windows

Windows pc is protected windows 10

Click More Information.

You get this message because the software is not signed. This is because it is free software and is currently very much in development.

Allow readarr windows 10

Click Run Anyway. So that the setup is started.

Install Readerr service Windows 10

Choose Install Windows Service. This will automatically launch Reader when your computer restarts.

Readarr install Windows setup ready.

Press on Finish.

Reader service console

Because you chose to start it as a service. Can you see it in your task manager?

You can now configure Reader.

Readarr Update Windows

The best way to update Readarr is as follows.

readarr update settings

Go to System and then Updates. You will then get an update option here if a new version of Readarr is available.

Readarr Windows tutorial

  1. Readarr tutorial.
  2. Readarr install Windows.
  3. Readarr configure Windows.

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