Windows Install Torrent Transmission to Download

In this tutorial. We are going to install Torrent transmission Windows We are going to do the installation on a computer with Windows. Next we will configure Torrent Transmission so that your are be able to download with it.

Install Torrent transmission Windows

Download torrent transsmision windows

Download the latest version of Torrent Transmission here

Start the MSI file that you have just downloaded.

tranmission setup windows Install Torrent transmission Windows

Now click Next.

tranmission setup windows licence

Check the box I Accept the terms in the License Agreement.

Then click Next.

transmission op hardisk installeren windows

Select Command line tools and then select Will Be installed on local hard drive.
Select WebInterface and then select Will Be installed on local hard drive.

Now press Next.

Windows torrent install

Now press Install.

torrent installation done

Press on Finish.

You are now done with the installation of Torrent Transmission.

Tutorial Torrent Transmission Windows

  1. Tutorial Torrent Transmission.
  2. Install Torrent Transmission Windows.

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