Configure Transmission Torrent to download Synology

In this Transmission Torrent configure Synology tutorial. Are we going to configure the torrent client on a Synology NAS system? So that we can download the contents of Torrent files.

Configure Transmission Torrent Synology

synology transmission

Below you will see a number of icons. Click the Wrench.

synology torrents

Copy the above settings. So that torrent files don’t stay open too long. Only “/volume1/ torrent” can be different.

synology transmission speed

Go to the tab Speed. Adjust this to the desired speed. You have to take it into account. That you often want to do other things while downloading. So do not set this setting too high.

synology transmission blacklist

Go to the tab Peers. Set Enable blocklist on. And enter the following URL here “” This is a huge collection of various sites so this is enough for you.

Press on Update.

It will not stop all the shit, but it does help enormously. You can now close this window.

The Transmission Torrent client is now properly configured. And this is ready for use.

Torrent Transmission Tutorial Synology

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  2. Install Torrent transmission Synology .
  3. Configure Torrent Transmission Synology.

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