Getting Netflix Ubuntu 18 working with graphical interface

It is possible to get Netflix working on Ubuntu 18. With a graphical interface. In this Netflix manual. I’m going to explain to you. How you can do that.

Requierments installation Netflix Ubuntu 18

  1. Root access.
  2. FireFox must be installed.

Install Netflix Ubuntu Requirements

Before we go to install Netflix. We need to open the command line. If you have opened the command line.

Then execute the command below.

sudo apt install libavcodec-extra

This is unfortunately necessary. Otherwise, you won’t be able to play movies. You will otherwise get the message “Whoops, something went wrong… Netflix Video Player unavailable. Error code: F7355-1204 “.

You may have your system. Must restart. Before it works in Firefox.

Setting up Firefox for Netflix

If you have not yet installed FireFox. Then open to the Snap Store. And search for Firefox here.

firefox options settings

Click in the top right of Firefox. On the 3 dashes. And then options.

Get netflix drm working firefox

Click Search. Then enter “drm“.

Uncheck DRM-managed content playback.

If you log in to Netflix now. With FireFox you watch your films and series. Watch without problems on Netflix.

If it is still not possible to launch Netflix on Ubuntu. Then leave a comment.

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