install Medusa Ubuntu via command line – for TV series

In this tutorial, install Medusa Ubuntu. We are going to install the Medusa program via the command line. Then we go medusa. Configure with NZBGet. Pay attention! NZBGet must already be configured. To download from the newsgroups. Medusa makes it possible. To automatically download series. Via the newsgroups. And via Torrent files.

Medusa install Ubuntu logo

Medusa installation

We must, first. Update the software list.

sudo apt-get update

Now install the required software. If this has not been done yet.

sudo apt-get install unrar-free git-core openssl libssl-dev python2.7

Now we are going to create the folder for the Medusa program.

sudo mkdir /opt/medusa

Then we have to put the rights on the folder.

sudo chown medusa:medusa /opt/.medusa

We will now download Medusa. And put it in the right map.

sudo -u medusa git clone ./medusa

You can now start Medusa. Medusa is now installed in the ./medusa folder. The dot takes care of it. That it is in a hidden folder.

Autostart Medusa Ubuntu

Now we will take care of it. That Medusa is started automatically. While starting Ubuntu.

Now we are going to copy the startup script.

sudo cp -v /opt/medusa/runscripts/init.ubuntu /etc/init.d/medusa

We have to put the rights Correct on the Medusa folder.

sudo chown root:root /etc/init.d/medusa
sudo chmod 644 /etc/init.d/medusa

Activate the startup for Medusa

sudo update-rc.d medusa defaults
sudo service medusa start

You are now done with the installation of Medusa.

You can test the start-up script. By restarting your Ubuntu computer. You do this with the command below.

sudo reboot

You’re done now. With the manual install Medusa Ubuntu. The next step is configuring Medusa.

Ubuntu tutorial Medusa

  1. Tutorial Medusa.
  2. Install Medusa Ubuntu.
  3. Configure Medusa Ubuntu.

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