Installl NZBMegasearch Ubuntu

In this NZBMegasearch install Ubuntu tutorial. We are going to install NZBMegasearch on an Ubuntu pc. So you have access to more search providers. For your automatic download programs.

We are going to install the necessities for NZBMegasearch.

sudo apt-get install python2.7 git python-openssl -y

Now download NZBMegasearch to the hidden folder NZBMegasearch. You do this with the dot! So “./nzbmegasearch”.

sudo git clone ./nzbmegasearch

Now the right user. Giving permissions to the folder

sudo chown -R gebruiker:gebruiker ./nzbmegasearch

We try to start NZBmegasearch

python /opt/nzbmegasearch/NZBmegasearch/ daemon

The installation of NZBmegasearch is now ready.

Start NZBmegasearch automatically when Ubuntu starts

It is of course fine. When NZBmegasearch is started. While starting up your Ubuntu. We are going to do that now.

We are going to create the script file.

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/nzbmegasearch.service

Next, we paste the script below. In the Nzbmegaserch.service file.

Description=NZBMegaSearch systemd

ExecStart=/usr/bin/python ./nzbmegasearch/NZBmegasearch/ daemon


Make the script executable.

sudo systemctl enable nzbmegasearch

Start the startup script.

sudo service nzbmegasearch start

When the script is booted. Without problems. Then everything went well. You are now done with the tutorial install NZBMegasearch Ubuntu.

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