Configure Qnap Sabnzbd to download

In this tutorial, configure Qnap Sabnzbd to download from the newsgroups. . We are going to configure SABnzbd to download from the newsgroups.

If you have opened SABnzbd via your web browser.

By default this is with the address “http:/ip-address-local-qnap:8080”

If it is your first time starting SABnzbd. Then you get an installation wizard. To enter the basic data.

english sabnzbd qnap setup

Select English. And then click Start Wizard.

sabnzbd quickstart Qnap Configure Sabnzbd server and so on

Fill in the following information:




You can often find this information in the welcome email from your Usenet provider. For a free Usenet provider see the Free Usenet page. But I recommend that you use a paid Usenet provider. A Free usenet provider is often very limited.

Turn on the SSL check mark. This ensures that the connection from your device to your Usenet provider is secured.

Press. Click to test the connection.

Then press Next.

sabnzbd quick start help

Click on. Go to SABnzbd.

SABnzbd is now being restarted.

Configure SABnzbd to delete failed downloads

configure sabnzbd

Now click Set up..

We are going to set this up so that your hard disk does not fill up. With failed downloads.

We do this with a task. I do this once a week. You don’t want everything removed immediately either.

You do this under Task Planner.

sabnzbd remove trash

I chose Saturday. Because there’s almost no TV series coming out.

Newznab provider download failed via SABnzbd

If you turn this on, download SABnzbd another version of, for example, a movie or TV series. If it fails the first time. This work in combination with automatic download ing via, for example, CouchPotato or Sonarr.

This just works. If the following requirements are met, the following requirements will be met.

  1. You’re using an automatic download program. Like, for example. Sonarr ,SickRage of Radarr.
  2. The Newznab provider needs to support it. As an example Usenet crawler. You will have to look this up on the site of the newznab provider.

You turn this on in SABnzbd under Settings. And then Special. And then you have to turn on the next check mark new_nzb_on_failure (off)

This was the tutorial configuring SABnzbd on a Qnap system.

Sabnzbd Qnap tutorial

  1. Sabznbd tutorial.
  2. Install SABnzbd Qnap.
  3. Configurere SABnzbd Qnap.

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