Configure SaBnzbd so you can download from the newsgroups

In this SABnzbd tutorial we will configure SABnzbd to be able to download from newsgroups. We are going to configure a news server. So that SaBnzbd knows how to connect to Usenet. A good news server is required. The news server of your internet provider is often not sufficient. For an overview of your internet provider’s news serveryou can find it here Internet provider news server. And forfree news servers see Free news servers. These Free news servers are often very bad. Or very limited. My advice is get a paid Usenet server.

Configure SaBnzbd Windows

Open your web browser and surf to http://localhost:8080/sabnzbd/“. Should this webpage fail to load. Then SABnzbd is installed on a different port. Or SABznbd is offline.

sabnzbd process windows task manager

If you’re not sure if SABnzbd is actually on, press ALT + CTRL + Delete simultaneously on your keyboard. Start Windows Task Manager. Go to the Processestab. Here the SABnzbd.exe process should be online. If not, SABnzbd is not started.

Set up basic SABnzbd

When we start SABnzbd for the first time. Then we have to specify the language first.

set sabnzbd language

Choose your desiredlanguage. And then Start Wizard.

sabnzbd server setup

Now we need to set up the Usenet server. You have often received this information in your welcome email from your Usenet server. Otherwise you can find it on the website of your Usenet provider.

Server name: This is different for each Usnet provider.
Port number: This is often 119. It is recommended to use SSL. Then you often have to fill in port 563.
Username: is often an email address. But this could also very well be an account number.
Password: you have often chosen yourself.
Connections: don’t set this to the maximum. You often do not download faster here. Why not max it out? Because you also use a connection for SpotNet, for example.

When you have entered all the details, press Test Server.

If the test passed, press Next.

sabnzbd over network

Now you have to choose Whether the rest of your local network is allowed to access SABnzbd. This is definitely recommended. Because you can then operate SABnzbd from your tablet, for example. However, put a Username and Password on it.

So chooseI want to be able to use SABnzb from every PC in my home network.

Then tick the box Password protection for SABnzbd.

Now choose Next.

sabnzbd firewall windows

SABnzbd is now being restarted. Give it some time. You may receive the above message. Check the top checkmark. So you can access SABnzbd locally. The bottom checkmark is that you can access SABnzbd via the internet. This bottom checkmark is necessary if you want to be able to access SABnzbd via your Smartphone via 3g/or 4g. But then you will also have to arrange what a portforward in your router has to do.

Now click go to SABnzbd. SABnzbd will ask for a username and password. This is the username and password that you entered yourself at Access.

sabnzbd nzb upload

You are now in the main screen of SABnzbd. You can click on add NZB in the top right. To download files from the newsgroups.

NZB files can be found on various sites see Usenet communities for some sites or via an NZB search engine. You can now also, for example, install SickChillto automatically download your TV series.

SABnzbd set additional options

In this section of this tutorial we are going to fine-tune SABnzds. You don’t have to do this. But it is recommended.

Click Setupat the top left.

sabnzbd folders

SABnzbd folders

Now select the Folderstab.

sab download maps

By default, SABnzbd saves everything here “C:\Users\username\Documents\Downloads\”.

Everything that has been extracted is put in the folder complete. And so it is ready to be used. In the folder Incomplete. Everything that has not yet been fully downloaded will be displayed.

It is wise to adjust this. Especially if you have an extra hard drive. Because before you know it, your c drive is full.

sabnzbd-temp folder

Choose Browse. And find the folder where you want to save the temporary download. And this also applies to the edited downloads folder.

The watched folder option. Also very convenient. Any NZB file you store here. Will be downloaded by SABnzbd.

SABnzbd additional download server

It is possible in SABnzbd to add an extra Usenet server. This can be useful if the download is not complete on your primary Usenet server. Then SABnzbd tries to download it with the backup server.

Go to the Serverstab. And choose Add server.

sabnzbd back-up server

Specifies the data of the backup server. And check theReserve server checkbox. To be sure, test it by clicking Test Server. If the test went well. Then choose Save.

You have now completed the installation of SABznbd.

Windows Sabnzbd tutorial

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