Getting SABnzbd DSM 6 to work because of the extra security

Getting SABnzbd fixed on DSM 6 There are quite a few programs that used to work perfectly under DSM 5. But with DSM 6, the security has been tightened. And that’s why I’m going to explain how to get SABnzbd working again on DSM version 6.

Activate SSH Synology

We need to activate SSH first. If you haven’t turned on yet. In the following I explain how to enable SSH on your Synology.

synology terminal service icon

If you have opened the webpage of your Synology. Go to Control Panel. And then you go to Terminal and SNMP.

enable ssh synology

Here we check the box Enable SSH service. And click Apply.

Access Synology from the command line with Putty

Now that we have enabled Terminal (SSH) on your Synology NAS, we can access the NAS via the command line. We do this with the free program Putty.

You can download the latest version of Putty here Puty is downloaded start it up by running putty.exe.


If you opened Putty. Fill in the ip address of your NAS at Host Name and at Port10. then click Open.

You will now receive a message click on Yes. This is because you have not previously connected to your NAS via the command line. You will only get this message the first time. You will then see a black screen with login as:. Enter your username here. (must be an Admin account). Press enterand enter the passwordand press enteragain. If that doesn’t work try using the username root.

Fixing SABnzbd DSM 6

Option 1 with vi

Now we are actually going to get SABnzbd up and running.

sudo vi /var/packages/sabnzbd/scripts/start-stop-status

Type the above and enter your password.

Press the letter Iand adjust the USER to root on line 11. So it becomes USER=”root”.

Press the ESCkey.

Type now.


This command saves the file you just edited.

Option 2 with nano

Now we are actually going to get SABnzbd up and running.

sudo nano /var/packages/sabnzbd/scripts/start-stop-status

Type the above and enter your password. Now go to line 11. USER should be root so it will be USER=”root”

Press CTRL + X thenY and enter.

You are now ready and can start SABnzbd via the web interface of DSM 6

SABnzbd DSM 6 working

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