Chrome plugin SABconnect++ to easily download nzb files

The Chrome plugin SABconnect++ allows to add NZB files directly. In the download program SABnzbd. From well-known NZB websites. The beauty of this plugin is that SABnzbd does not have to run on the same computer. It could very well be another computer on the network.

The following websites currently work with SABconnect++
Any Newznab provider see NewzNab providers for more.

Download Chrome plugin to install and configure SABconnect++.

Add SABconnect

Press on add. to Chrome.

Chrome plugin SABconnect++

Then click on Addand now the SABconnect plugin is installed.

Now we first have to look up the Api key in SABnzbd. So open SABznbd (probably localhost:8080) and go to Setupthen the General tab and uncheckDo not use API key here. Then click save. Copy the API Key. Note not the NZB Key!


Now go to the top right in Google Chrome, there you have aSAB icon, click on this and go to Extension Settings.


Paste the API key here SABnzb API key. If there is a username and password on SABnzbd, enter that here as well. And then click Create


Now let’s go to The Tab Providers and under NEwzNab providers we can add even more sites made with the NewzNab script. see NewzNab providers for more.


And now you have a SABnzbd button on several websites like

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