Install Readarr Synology for ebooks and audiobooks

Install Readarr Synology in this tutorial Let’s install the Reader program on a Synology device. In this tutorial we use DSM version 7. DSM version 6 will be about the same. With Readarr you can automatically download E-books and audio books via torrent and the newsgroups.

If the tutorial below does not work for your Synology. See also the tutorial Readerr Docker Installing Synology.

Add source Readarr Synology to download

We need to add the source first, for Reader on your Synology, in order to download it if you haven’t already.

package center synology icon

Go to The Packe Center.

synology package center settings

Go to Settings at the top right.

Add sources Synology package center

Go to the Packe resources tab.

Press Add.

Readarr add Synology source

Specify the following location:

And press OK.

Readarr Synology Install

Now we can install Readarr on your Synology device.

Readerr Install Synology

Go to the Packe Center, choose community. And scroll down until you see Readarr. The search option does not work. Click Install. The installation of Readarr will start.

Readerr Synology installeren akkoord

Click Agree.

Readarr Synology license agreement


Readarr Synology update notification

Again Next.

Readarr Synology install permissions

And again Next.

Confirm Readarr Install Synology

And now on Done.

Readarr Synology open icon

You can now open Readarr. If the installation went well.

Open Readerr Synology

And here you can see how you can approach Readarr. This was the tutorial to install Readarr Synology. You now need to set up Readarr. So that your Ebooks and audiobooks are automatically downloaded from the newsgroups.

Readarr Synology tutorial

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  3. Readarr configure Synology.

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