Make CouchPotato talk to SABnzbd for downloading

In this step of the CouchPotato tutorial. We are going to configure CouchPotato with SABnzbd. So that SABnzbd starts downloading your movies. And then put your films in the right download folder.

Configure CouchPotato with SABnzbd

First, let’s properly configure SABnzbd for CouchPotato . SABnzbd must already be installed and working!

CouchPotato with SABnzbd

In SABnzbd we go to Settings. Then we choosecategories. We need to create a new category here name movie.Then specify a location where your movies should be saved.. You do this under Folder/path. Under Groups / Indexer Marks you also give the same film. You have to take this exactly. Otherwise there is a chance that it will not work properly.

Configure CouchPotato

Now we go to CouchPotato. When you start CouchPotato for the first time. Then the setup will be loaded immediately “http://localhost:5050/wizard/” If you have installed CouchPotato before, you can import the database file.

In case you skipped the Wizard. Or CoucPotato will not start right away with this setup. Then you can go to the top right. Click on the gear. And then choose settings.
CouchPotato settings

Under General you can indicate whether a password will be placed on your CouchPotato. However, I wouldn’t do this until everything is working properly. What I would change is the port, this is set to default 5050. However, Sickbeard and SABnzbd all fall into the 808… series. So personally I would keep it neat and make it 8082. Then it is also wise to uncheck the box Launch the browser when I start to turn off. Because when you turn on your PC, you don’t want your browser to start with CouchPotato.

download apps couchpotato setup windows

Now we come toWhat download apps are you using? Take over the above options (category film). Except for the API Key! You have to do this yourself. Copy from SABNZB.

In SABnzbd ( default url) go to Setup. Then go to General. And copy the API Key. And paste it into CouchPotato.


Now let’s go to tab Providers. Here you have to enter the details of a website. (newznab) Which offers nzb files for download. As stated before, free Newznab providersare often not that good. I use a Dognzb account myself. And I benefit a lot from it.


Now we come to the Renamer. I advise against this. Because later it becomes very difficult to find good subtitles. For your downloaded movie. So we skip this step. Now go to finish. And click the big green button. You can’t miss it.

CouchPotato options

Now we go to the top right to the gear. And choosesettings.


searcher couchpotato

Now you see a menu on the left, here we now choose Searcher. You can set these options yourself. But my advice is take my configuration if you want to download good quality movies. Remove Igonered Wordfor your mother laungage otherwise there is a chance that you mother launage spoken films will not be downloaded.

add movies couchpotato

Then we choose Qaulity in the menu on the left. You must set these options according to your own preferences. If you want the best quality, copy my options from the image above. Note that if you check a box and that quality is found, CouchPotato will stop looking for a better quality.

CouchPotato tutorial Windows

  1. CouchPotato tutorials.
  2. Install CouchPotato Windows.
  3. Let CouchPotato talk to SABnzbd Windows.
  4. Download movies with CouchPotato.

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