Getting Sonarr working on DSM6 Synology from 5 to 6

How to get Sonarr working on DSM6 Synology tutorial I’m going to explain how to get Sonarr up and running again. There are two options described on this page. I’ll start with the simplest. The first is Mono version of Synology Option. And the second is Official Mono version Synology.

Mono versie van Synology Option 1

The simplest way is to use the old mono version.

Synology Package Center-um

Go to the Package center.

Synology Settings

Now open the Settings.

beta pakketen synology

Open the tablad Beta. Check the box here Yes , I want to view the beta versions!

Synology Package Source-Add

Now choose the Package Sources tab and click Add. And add if you haven’t already.

Synology Community

Open Community.

synology mono

Find Mono and click Install. Note that Beta must be included. And see the icon above

Now try launching Sonarr.

Official Mono version Synology option 2

If you prefer the version of Synology itself, it takes a little more work.

Synology Package Center-um

Go to the Package center.

Synology Settings

Now click Settings.

beta pakketen synology

Now go to the Beta tab. Check the box hereYes , I want to view the beta versions!Click OK. And close these screens.


Now open the Devoloper Tools.


Search mono here. and then click Install. Note that the icon should look like the above. Otherwise you probably have the wrong version.

Enable SSH Synology

We need SSH.

If you don’t have SSH enabled on your Synology yet, we need to enable it first.


In Synology we go to Control Panel and then to Terminal and SNMP.


Check Enable SSH service here and click Apply.

Access Synology from the command line with Putty

Now that we have enabled Terminal (SSH) on your Synology NAS, we can access the NAS via the command line. We do this with Putty.

Download Putty heree run putty.exe.


Fill in the IP address of your NAS at Host Name and at Port10. then click Open.

You may now get an error message, click Yes. This is because you have not previously connected to your NAS via the command line. This is just the first time only.

You will now see a black screen with login as: here you have to enter a username with admin rights. Press enterand enter the passwordand press enteragain.

Now run the following command.

sudo vi /var/packages/nzbdrone/scripts/start-stop-status

Then press Enterand enter your Passwordand press Enteragain.

Now find the next line MONO_PATH=”/usr/local/mono/bin” adjust this to MONO_PATH=”/var/packages/Mono/target/usr/bin”. note this must be exactly the same as typed here it is case sensitive.

Now press the ESCkey and type :wq the file is now edited and saved.

Now try launching Sonarr.

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