Set up Sonarr v4 Synology

In this tutorial we will set up Sonarr v4 on a Synology system.

Sonarr makes it possible to automatically download TV series from newsgroups and via torrent files. In this tutorial we discuss the newsgroups option.

Sonarr V4 Media Management

Set up Sonarr v4 Synology

Go to Settings. And then choose Media Management.

Turn on Show Advanced Settings.

Rename Sonarr episodes

Check Rename Episode

You might wonder why rename? Well that’s very simple. quite what releases are encrypted. Which gives you strange filenames. Such as “02ffbc012101519975abb1a24015ef13.x264”. It then becomes a huge mess. The result of this is that other programs cannot handle this well, such as Kodi or programs to download subtitles for your series.

Therefore, you should use the following settings.

Standard Episode Format “{Series.Title}.S{season:00}E{episode:00}.{Episode.Title}.{Quality.Full}-{Release.Group}”

Daily Episode Format “{Series Title} – {Air-Date} – {Episode Title} {Quality Full}”

Series Folder Format “{Series Title}”

Season Folder Format “{Series Title}”

Create empty series folders Yes

Download Propers Yes

Analyse video files Yes

Sonarr Profiles

Now go to the Tablad profiles.

Sonarr v4 profiles

Click a section that you want to start using. And adjust this to your own preference. Above is my preference.

It is best to leave the language on English unless a TV series is also available in your own language. But the chance is very small that this tv show is found. This is because these series are uploaded very little in the newsgroups. And if they are present in the newsgroups, the scene rules are often not followed. As a result, these are not yet downloaded via Sonarr.

By hovering over the three indents. You can adjust the order of what Sonarr first tries to download.

At Cutoff you indicate when Sonarr has to stop searching.

When you’re done, click on Save Changes

Sonarr v4 filtering

If you go down a little you will see Release profiles. Click on the plus sign below, and in the Must not contain field, add something that you do not want to be downloaded. I don’t like MeGusta’s spots because they often only have 2.0 sound and I want at least 5.1 sound with my series. That’s why I’m blocking this release.

Set up Sonarr V4 Quality Synology

Set up Sonarr V4 Synology Quality. So you get fewer wrong downloads.

Set Sonarr V4 Quality

Now we go to the Tablad Quality. By default, the Minuim Quality is 0. It is best to adjust it. So that it can be filtered. Beware! If you watch animated series, set this option not too low. Because these kinds of TV series are usually much smaller.

Beware! As you can see, you also have to change the Title here to keep them close to the scene name. Of the dashes make a point and 1080p and 720p must be at the front. So as an example “HDTV.2160p”.

Sonarr Indexers

Now we go to the tab indexers. These are sites whose NZB files are downloaded automatically. The more you add, the more likely your TV series will be downloaded.

newznab add sonarr

See also Newznab sites for an overview. Create an account with some of these Newznab providers.

If you did. Click on the plus.

sonarr newznab costum

Then, at Neznab, click Costume.

image 16

You’ll see the above. Enter the details of the Newznab site.

neznabapi usenetcraweler

The API key can almost always be found in your account settings on the NewzNab site. If you have done that, first do a Test and then Save . Now add all your Newznab sites in this way.

It is best to leave some sites if you also have other programs such as CouchPotato for example. So you your API hits are divided. If you do have an account with a paid Newznab site, then it often doesn’t matter. Then you usually have enough API requests.

Once you have added all your Newznab sites. You also need too activate the below Newznab provider.

You do this in the same way. You do not need an account.

sikcbeard indexer sonarr


Categories 5030.5040

options sonarr retentie

Below you see Options.

Minimum Age on 60.

Retention Here you enter the retention of your Usenet provider. This ensures that no API requests are wasted, which your Usenet provider cannot download anyway.

RSS Sync Interval Set it to 20 or more. But not too much else it can already be gone thanks to DMCA. But certainly no less otherwise, your API requests are also very fast gone.

Sonarr v4 instellen Synology met SABnzbd

You need the API key from SABNZBD.

sabnzbd settings Configure synology Sonarr with SABnzbd

Open a second tab in your browser, and open SABnzbd (default

Go to Settings.

set up sonarr sabnzbd

Click General and copy the API key.

Now get back to Sonarr.

settings sonarr download clients

Click Settings.

Go to the client download tab.

newznab add sonarr

Click on the plus.

api key sonarr sabnzbd

Fill in the above information.

Name No matter what.

Host localhost or

API Key (API key in SABNZBD) comes from SABNZBD that you just copied you.

Username Please enter your own user name of SABNZBD

Password Please enter your own password from SABNZBD.

Category TV This should be really TV, otherwise it doesn’t work well.

Recent Priority should be lower than Older priority. Because it is often trickier to download old TV episodes than TV episodes that are just out.

Now click Test. If the test has gone well click Save. If it is not good. Then you do have entered a wrong user name, password or API key.

Sonarr Sonarr v4 setup Synology Connect

If you have a media player like I do. Then you must specify the data. So that your libary is updated. With the latest TV series. If you don’t, you can skip these next two steps.

Go to the Tablad Connect.

add newznab

Click on the plus.

kodi host sonarr

These are my settings, but they are usually different for everyone.

Click on Test. And then on Save.

Sonarr metadata

This option is only used if you have a media player. Otherwise you can skip this too. These are my settings for Kodi. This will ensure that covers are downloaded for Kodi.

tvshow kodi synology configure

Sonarr Add Existing Series

You can skip this step. If you don’t have a TV series on your Synology Nas at all.

sonarr series add existing

If you already have some TV shows. You can add it in Sonarr.

Go to Series. And then Library Import.

Press on Choose another folder.

Click on the Blue folder , and select the folder where your existing tv shows are. And then click OK.

Create Sonarr folders for TV series

First we will have to create the folders on your Synology where the TV series will be stored.

I use DSMm7 myself, if you use DSM6 it may be a little different. But the basics are the same.

Open a second Tab in your browser. And go to the web page of your nas http://your-ip-address-nas:500

Go to FileStation, and choose Create. And then Create New Shared Folder.

tv synology dsm 6 sonarr setup

Give the folder a name and press Next. And then three more times on Next.

set sonarr rights v4

Select System Internal Users.

And give sc-sabnzbd and sc-sonarr Read and Write permissions. Otherwise the download will fail.

Set permissions for Apple and Linux devices

If you have a media player, these are often Linux devices. You must also give these permissions to access the series folder, otherwise you cannot play it.

Right-click on the folder you just created. And choose properties.

nfs rule sonarr synology

Go to NFS permissions.

And enter the IP address of your media player here. It is wise to give this media player a fixed IP address. Because if it gets a new IP address, these rights will no longer work.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you how to do that because it differs per modem/router you use.

set up kodi fixed ip unifi

I use a Unifi system and I need to check Fixed IP address. When opening my Kodi box in my Unifi dream machine.

Sonarr Add TV Shows

Now it’s time to add TV shows in Sonarr. Now go back to Sonarr V4.

Go to main screen.

add series sonarr.

Enter the name of your tv show here.

Press on Add New Series.

Select the tv show you want to add.

configure tv show sonarr

You will then get the above screen.

Root folder is the folder where your series are stored.

Check the Start Search for missing episodes.

Sonarr will now look up your tv shows. Via the Newznab sites, which you have specified. And then NZBGets downloads your TV show. And Sonarr moves the files. In the correct folder.

This was the tutorial setting up Sonarr v4 Synology.

Sonarr v4 Synology tutorial

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