Configure HelloNzb Windows to download from the newsgroups

In this HalloNzb configure Windows tutorial. We are going to configure HalloNzb so that we can download from the newsgroups. And then the downloaded files are automatically checked if they are OK. And if necessary, they are repaired. Once the files have been checked, they are then extracted. So that the downloaded files are ready to use.

HelloNzb Configure Windows

hellonzb preferences

Once we have started HalloNzb we go to HalloNnzb preferences.

HelloNzb Configure Windows

At the Download folder, click Choose.

hallonzb folder

Now find a suitable location to save your downloads . At the top right you can choose to create a new folder. Then click Open.

hello-nzb settings

Do the same for Automatically load new NZB files from this folder. If you place an NZB file in this folder, these files will be downloaded from the NZB file by HalloNzb.

HelloNzb server settings

Now go to the Server Settings tab. Enter the Server name of your Usenet provider here. And the Hostname. You must also provide a username and password. The port is almost, always 119. Unless you’re using SSL then it’s 563. You can often find this information in the welcome email. That you have received from your Usenet Provider. Otherwise, check the website of your Usenet provider.

HalloNzb download options

Now go to the Download options tab. Check the box Check files after downloading. And checkAutomatically extract RAR archive. At the option Location of par 2 program, click on Choose. Locate The location where you installed the QuickPar program. And do the same for Rar archive. Find the program Unrar here. What you have installed. Now choose Save.

news server okay hallonzb

Now go to NewsServer. And then Test server connection. If you have set up your news server correctly. Then you will receive the above message.

overview Configuring HelloNzb Windows

You can now download with HalloNzb. By placing an nzb file in the nzb folder. Or by clicking on the top left open an nzb file (folder). You can create an Nzb file via, for example, or

You are now done with the how to configure HalloNzb in Windows.

Have fun downloading!

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