Radarr Windows movies downloading

In the tutorial Radarr Windows movies download. I am going to explain to you how to download movies from the newsgroups with Radarr on a Windows system.

Add existing movies in Radarr

If you want to add existing movies. Then you do that in the following way.

add movies radarr windows

Press on Add Movies.

Next Bulk import movies.

radarr add movie Windows

Find the folder where you saved your movies.

Windows download movies folder

Scroll all the way down. And then click Ok.

folder radarr Windows

Then click on the green check mark.

Add Movies Trakts by Genre

In this example I’m going to download Scfiction movies. With a good rating.

Go to Settings. And then to List.

Select Plus.

Select Tract .

image 190

Minimum Availability Physical/Web. There’s no point in looking sooner. Unless you want to download ts, tc or cams.

List Type popular.

Rating 70-100. To filter out the very bad movies.

Genre Science Fiction.

Years 2021 2022.

Beware! Lots of movies are now being added! It may take a while before everything is found and downloaded.

Download movies via The MovieDB Radarr Windows

You can also add movies, using the MovieDb site. This also allows you to use the MovieDb app on your mobile device.

Radarr MovieDB Setup

You must create an account through https://www.themoviedb.org/account/signup

If your account is activated. Open your Radarr.

image 191

Go to Lists. And then click Greate list.

image 192

You need to set your list to public. Otherwise, Radarr can’t read it.

image 193

Now add one movie. Om te testen of het goed gaat.

You can do this too. Do it via the MovieDB app on your phone.

Then go back to List.

You will then see your list. Click here.

themoviedb list url Windows

You’ll see a number in the address bar here. Copy it.

Set up Radarr

Go back to Radar.

Go to Settings.

Then to the Lists tab.

movie list plus movies download

Select the plus.

tmbd add llist in rdarr

Select the TMDB list.

tmdb list

At Public List, enter the number you just copied.

Click Save.

Your movies that are added to this list. Will now also be added to Radarr.

Radarr add movies

It’s easy to add movies yourself in Radarr. You do it the following way.

add movies in radarr

Press on Add Movies.

Then Add new Movie.

Give at the magnifying glass. Enter the name of your desired movie.

Monitor Yes, yes.

Select your profile you want.

Click again, on the magnifying glass.

Your movie will now be looked up on various newznab sites.

It may take a while for your movie to download. Make sure you have as many newznabservers as possible. The more you add. Hoe groter de kans is, dat deze wordt gevonden. If it is an older movie. Then you should probably set your filters a little less strict.

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