Add Movies Radarr Windows through various ways

In this tutorial Add Movies to Radarr, we’re going to add movies for download. We do this on a Windows system. We can do this in several ways. This way you can use various apps. Like those of Trakt and MovieDB But also automatically with self-configured filters in Radarr.

Add Radarr existing downloaded movies

We will first add the movies that you already downloaded before installing Radarr on your Windows computer. Or you did a new installation of Radarr on your Windows computer.

Add movies radarr

Click on Add Movies at the top.

then Bulk import movies.

file browser radarr

Locate the folder. Where your movies are stored.

oke radarr

Scroll all the way down. And click Ok.

folders radarr

Press the green check mark.

You can add multiple folders

Add movies to Radarr by genre with Trakt

In this example, I’m going to download movies with a good rating and in the sci fiction category.

Go to Settings. And then List.

Click on the plus.

Select Tract .

set trak radarr

Minimum Availability Physical/Web. There’s no point in looking sooner. Unless you want to download cam ts tc movies. But that seems very strong to me.

List Type popular.

Rating 70-100. So you don’t get poorly rated movies.

Genre Science Fiction.

Years 2019 2020 2021

Beware! Lots of movies are added now!

Add The MovieDB movies

You can also add movies using the MovieDb website. The advantage of this is that you can use the MovieDb app on your phone or tablet.

Set up MovieDB

You must create an account through

If your account is activated. Open then Radarr.

list themoviedb windows radarr

Go to Lists. And then press Greate list.

image 214

Your list must be set to public. Otherwise, Radarr can’t read it. This means that others online can also view your list. I advise you not to use your real name. Otherwise everyone can see what kind of movies you watch.

add movies radarr

Now add one movie. Om te testen of het goed gaat.

You can also do this via the MovieDB app. This is available for Android and iOS. You may need to search for TMDB.

Then go back to List.

You’ll see your ruse click here.

themoviedb list url

You’ll see a number in the address bar here. Copy it.

Set up Radarr

Ga weer terug naar het programma Radarr.

Go to Settings.

Go to the tablad Lists.

add movie lists

Click on the plus icon.

themoviedb radarr

Select TMDB list.

tmdb add radarr

Enter the number at Public List. What you just copied.

Then click Save.

Your movies that are added to this list. Will now also be added to Radarr.

Add your own movies in Radarr

It’s easy to add movies yourself in Radarr. You do it the following way.

add movies radarr

Click Add Movies.

Then Add new Movie.

Enter the name of your desired film in the magnifying glass.

Monitor Yes, yes.

Select your profile you want.

Click on the magnified glass.

It will now search for your desired movie.

It may take a while for your movie to download. The more Newznab servers you have. The better the outcome will be. It is of course also possible that your film is not yet out. Or you have set your filters too strict. For example, if you just want to download 4k movies. Then it often takes a little longer before it appears in the newsgroups. Usually 1080p webll files come out first.

This was the tutorial Movies add movies Radarr Windows.

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