Radarr with SABNZBD set up Windows to download movies

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss doing the following. Set up radarr with SABNZBD Windows. To be able to automatically download movies from the newsgroups.

Configure Media management

We set up media management to ensure that files are renamed to the correct movie name. If we don’t do this, you may get strange file names. So some things don’t go well. Like subtitles that can’t be found.

radar settings

Go to Settings.

Select Media Management.

Turn on the following here, Advance settings

rename radarr

Also turn on rename.

Standard Movie Format {Movie Title} ({Release Year}) {Quality Full}

Movie Folder Format {Movie Title} ({Release Year})

And adopt the above settings.

Import Extra Files On.

Extra File Extensions srt, nfo

Ignore Deleted Movies.

Then press Save, top right


This allows you to determine the size of certain qualities.

qualities radarr
image 180

Adjust the settings above. As a result, you get less trash downloads. Like Trailers or something.


radarr profielen instellen

We now go to the tablad Profiles.

Radarr already has quite a few good profiles. With these profiles, you indicate. In what quality your movies should be downloaded.

radarr desired downloads

I’m going to edit an existing profile.

Preferred Tags Fill in x264 and x265. Please note not every device can handle x265!

Fill it out only if you’re sure you can play x265 files.

Radarr Indexers

On the Indexerstab, go to the Indexers tab.

radarr indexer

Click +.

radarr indexers

Then choose the Newznaboption.

set newznab radarr

Here you need to provide the data from your Newznab provider.

See a list for NewzNab here.

To get good results. Unfortunately you need paid Newnznab provider. The more Newnzb servers you add. The better and faster the results get.

set radarr indexer settings

Specify the following for Whitelist subtitle tags hard-codded, ENsubs Your own your own language code for example NL.

Unless you don’t want movies with hard-codded English subs. This does not necessarily mean that they are baked-in subtitles, it can also be subtitles that you can turn on and off. These can also be blocked because this is turned on. Especially if you use SpotWeb as a newznab provider, almost nothing will be downloaded if you do not fill this in.

restricties intellen radarr

Sabnzbd download client set up Radarr

Go to the Tablad download client.

radarr download client

Click +.

radarr usenet download client

Select SABZnbd.

Set up radar with SABNZBD

This data is different for everyone.

Find the APi Key SABnzbd

sabznbd institutions

In SABnzbd, go toSettings.

sabnzbd set radarr

Go to the tablad General.

See the API key here.

This Api key is different for everyone.

Radarr movie information download for media players

Go to the metadata journal

kodi radarr

Choose Kodi. Or any other service if you use it.

set kodi radarr

Turn on the check mark Of Enable. And click Save.

This was the windows radarr manual set up with SABnzbd. To automatically download movies from the newsgroups. Do you have any Radarr questions? See the Radarr FAQ. If your question is not answered there, please leave a message.

Tutorial Radarr Windows with SABNzbd

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