Setting up SickBeard Ubuntu with SABnzbd for download

  • In this SickBeard configure Ubuntu tutorial. We are going to set up SickBeard to automatically download new TV series from the newsgroups. Via the SABnzbd program. This tutorial is suitable for SickBeard Ubuntu users.

SickBeard set General Configuration

Open SickBeard. First go to Config and then General. Enter an HTTP Username. And a HTTP Password . So that not everyone connected to your local network can adjust everything in your SickBeard. You can also change the port here. The best thing is to restart SickBeard. if you change the port.

SickBeard Search settings

sickbeard search settings

We now go to the tab Search Settings. Under Epsidode search you put the check mark Download Propers on So you don’t download bad versions. Give in Usenet Retention the number of days on. Which supports the Usenet provider as much as possible. So that old series that are posted in the newsgroups are also downloaded. Then click Save Changes.

Put the check mark Search NZBs on. For Nzb Method choose SABnzbd. And at SABnzbd URL you must indicate how you approach SABnzbd in your browser, on the local PC. So that is always Only the port can be different. The port number is the number after the “:” in my case this is 8085.

api key for sabznbd sickbeard

Now you only need the Api Key. You can find it in SABnzbd under Setup. Then choose the General tab. Copy this API key to SickBeard API Key. In SickBeard set the SABnzbd category on TV. And press on Save Changes. Andthen on Test SABnzbd to test if it went well.

SickBeard Search Providers

Now we go the tab Search Providers

You can enable the following Search providers without creating an account. SickBeard index and Womble index. I have noticed that the SickBeard indexsometimes takes a download with a password. So set it as low as possible. It is advisable to use this. Furthermore, it is wise to create a number of accounts on a number of NewzNab sites. For an overview of NewzNab providers see the NewzNab providers list.

SickBeard Post Processing

Now we go to the tab Post Processing.

rename sickbeard

It is best to copy the above information. Because then you have the best chance that you can find Subtitles. And that programs like Kodi work good.

You also have a Meta Data option if, for example, you have Kodi select Kodi. And turn on all the check marks. If you did that. Don’t forget to click on Save Changens. To save everything.

SickBeard notifications

If you have something like Kodi you can indicate in the Tab notifications whether the libary needs to be updated. This is very handy because you don’t have to scan again for new TV series in Kodi. They will now be in Kodi when they are downloaded.

Add SickBeard TV series

Now we are almost done. We just have to add TV series so that SickBeard knows what to download.

add sickbeard TV show

Click on Home and choose Add Shows. I assume you don’t have any TV series yet. But if it is, you can use the option ADD existing shows. However, keep in mind that the naming must be good. Otherwise SickBeard does not understand which episode you already have.

add sickbeard episodes

Enter the name of the TV series here. And choose ENG. SickBeard now retrieves the information from the website. This can sometimes take a while. Select your TV show.

Click now Step 2. And then click New. Now find the location where SickBeard should save the series. For example “/media/tvseries /” SickBeard creates the name of the tv show folder itself.

sickbeard own quality

Click now Step 3. Set the initial status of missing episodes. On wanted. Uncheck the Flatten Folders check box. You can choose preferred quality of episodes to be download. But I prefer to put this on costum. Because I often find the HDTV releases better than the WEB-DL. This is because sometimes webbl has only 2.0 sound and the TV hd version not. It is also often easier to find Subs for the HDTV release. See the image above.

Click on the bottom of the page on ADD show.

Your TV series has been added in SickBeard. It may take a while before your TV series is shown in the overview. Because SickBeard has to retrieve the episode information from the website. Then the NewzNab servers are searched for the episodes. And a nzb file is sent to SABnzbd. When SABnzbd has downloaded the file, it will unpack it and place it in the correct folder.

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