Add and download Sickbeard TV series Windows

In this section of the SickBeard manual. Let’s add the TV shows. And when that’s done, you can sit back. Because you hardly ever have to manually search for TV series again. And downloadable.

Add TV series in Sickbeard

To add a TV show. Let’s go home. And then to Ad Show.
add sickbeard TV series

We choose ADD New Show. Because most likely you don’t have an existing TV series yet. We’re going to give you a name here. And then choose NL. We are now looking for the right TV series on the website of This may take some time.

sickbeard series search

If SickBeard found anything. Select the right TV show. And click Next.

sickbeard tv series add folder

Now click on new. And find the right location. Where you want the TV show to be saved. And click Ok. Don’t create the folder with the name of the TV series yourself! SickBeard will make you this one. Now click Set as Default. So that next time this location is remembered, as the default. Now click Next again.


Now we are at the last step set the initial status of missing episodes on wanted. This is very important. If you want to download a series completely. Otherwise, a lot of episodes fly on the status skipped. The quality has to be determined by yourself. However, you have to take into account that old TV series are not always available in HD.

Now click add show. Now Sickbeard’s going to pick up the TV show information.

This, too, will take some time. As soon as SickBeard finishes this. Then your TV episodes will be automatically sent to SABnzbd. When SABznbd finishes downloading. Then the TV episodes are put in the right folder.

If you then click on Home, you can see the status of your TV series. Check the first time that everything is going well. And keep in mind that there is enough disk space. Because your hard drive can fill up pretty good.

This was the tutorial for adding SickBeard tv series.

SickBeard tutorial Windows

  1. installing SickBeard Windows.
  2. Configure SABnzbd for SickBeard.
  3. Configure SickBeard Windows.
  4. Sickbeard add tv shows and downloading tv show.

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