Set up SabNzbd Sickbeard Windows

Sabnzbd Sickbeard work together. In this step of the tututorial, we are going to configure SABnzbd to use SickBeard. This ensures that SABnzbd is controlled by SickBeard. Then SABnzbd will download the files and with the help of the script of SickBeard. Everything is put in the right place. As soon as SABnzbd is ready, SickBeard will receive a signal that the download was successful.

Set up SABnzbd to use SickBeard

First we are going to add some settings in the configuration of SABnzbd before we make the settings in SickBeard.

Before we can get started, we need to rename a file from SickBeard, which you can find in the folder where you installed SickBeard [adinserter block="5"] . Then open the folder autoProcessTVthat is in your SickBeard folder and there you will find the file autoProcessTV.cfg.sample. Rename this file to autoProcessTV.cfg. If you enable a login for SickBeard or if you are running on a different port than the 8081, you must also enter that information in the autoProcessTV.cfg file. If you don’t do this, the unpacking will not go well. But the advice is stay away from this! Only if everything works properly then start playing with logins and port numbers.

In the folder where SabNZBD is installed you need to create a folder called “script” Otherwise you won’t see the script option in a moment.

TIP! If the language is in English for SABnzbd, And you want. You can change this in the following way. Config [>] Genaral [>] Language [>] Dutch.

If SABnzbd is not already started, start it up, and go to Setupand then to the Folders tab. We have to change the option Folder with user scripts so choose Browse. Now go to the folder where you installed SickBeard and in the folder of SickBeard there is a folder called autoProcessTV. Open this folder autoProcessTVand click Ok.

Now go to the Categoriestab in SABnzbd. We are going to create a new Category here for your TV series. Copy it exactly like mine otherwise there’s a chance it won’t work properly! (you can only safely change the priority)

Set up SabNzbd Sickbeard Windows

If it is not possible to select the script then you have not selected the folder autoProcessTV. Or the script is not present in your autoProcessTV folder.

This was the tutorial Sabnzbd Sickbeard.

SickBeard tutorial Windows

  1. installing SickBeard Windows.
  2. Configure SABnzbd for SickBeard.
  3. Configure SickBeard Windows.
  4. Sickbeard add tv shows and downloading tv show.

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