Sonarr Torrent Transmission Backup Synology

In this Sonarr Torrent Transmission backup Synology manual. I’m going to explain to you how to use Torrent Transmission. Used as a backup in Sonarr. With a Synology NAS system. This is in case you can’t download anything from the newsgroups.

Sonarr Torrent Transmission Backup Synology

Open Sonarr in your Web browser.

sonnar settings torrent transmission

Go to Settings.

You are now in tablad media management. Here you need to turn on Use Hardlinks instead of Copy. Otherwise, Sonarr may not be unable to copy the files. Because you’re still seeing.

synology-sonarr delay-add

Now go to the Tablad Profiles. And click on that Plus iconat the bottom right.

delay sonarr

The above screen appears change the following:

  1. Protocol Prefer Usenet
  2. Torrent Delay These are minutes indicate the time when a torrent should be searched if it does not work through the newsgroups. Tip do not set it below 12 o’clock.
  3. TAGS TV
sonarr download client-torrent-add

Now we go to the tab indexers.

Select KickassTorrents. And now click Save.

Add the following Torrent indexers, in the same way as well.

  1. Nyaa (anime TV series)
  2. For the rest of the Torrent sites you need VIP access. This can be done by making a donation with this Torrent provider. Or you need an invitation from someone else.
set up sonarr download client

Now we go to the tablad Download Client.

sonarr download client-torrent-add

Click on the plus.

sonar torrent transmission backup

Copy the above settings. You only need to access Username and Password. Enter your own transmission information. Now click Test. And then save.

You are now done with the manual Sonarr Torrent Transmission backup Synology.

You have now set Torrent as backup in Sonarr. The backup setting. Does not start until it is not possible to download your TV episode from the newsgroups.

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