Torrentmac the website for torrent files for your MacOS

If you’ve ever been looking for MAC torrents to download, then you’ve probably heard of Torrentmac. This popular torrent platform has a nice selection of torrent files for apple devices. You can access the website here.


The Benefits of

Torrentmac torrent download for MacOS
  1. Wide range of torrent files for MacOS devices.
  2. Games for the MacOS are available.
  3. Little advertising on the website.
  4. No account required to download torrent files
  5. You can download torrent files there. This is not always possible on some websites that only offer a magnet link.

Disadvantages Torrent mac

  1. You can only download software for MacOS devices here.
  2. Magnet links are missing.

Conclusion Torrentmac:

This is a very good website for MacOS device enthusiasts to download recent MacOS software via torrent files. If you have any questions about a particular download, it is also possible to leave a comment. This website also has very little advertising compared to other torrent sites. If you click on the torrent file you will also immediately receive a torrent file to download. It is a shame that you cannot immediately see whether there are enough seeders for your desired MacOS download. As a result, it sometimes happens that the download does not start. They sometimes also offer direct download links. I haven’t tried this, but I would stay away from it, because you can only download a limited amount.

Alternatives Torrentmac

There are few alternatives to Torrent websites where you can download MacOS torrent files. Other torrent sites often offer separate sections where you can download MacOS torrent files. But that is often not their main goal, which means there is often less offer for MacOS enthusiasts.

For a complete overview, see the Torrent sites page.

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