Install Radarr Docker to Download Movies

In this tutorial, we are going to install Radarr Docker. So that we can automatically download the latest movies. This can be done via the newsgroups or via torrent files. In this tutorial I use DSM6+.

Install Docker

First we need to install Docker for Radarr. If you haven’t installed Docker yet.

Open Packe center.

install docker synology

Go to all packages. Look up Docker. and then click Install.

Radarr Docker Installing

Now we can start installing Radarr on Docker.

Docker start synology

Open Docker. Links boven in je Synology.

Radarr Docker install synology

Go to Image. Click Add. ….

Enter at url

Click Add.

Radarr docker version select

Select latest. And then ADD. Now you just have to wait Radarr is now downloading. This may take a few minutes.

synology Radarr image docker

Go to Image. Select Radarr. And press Run.

radarr settings docker

Go to advanced settings.

radarr autostart docker

Turn on the Auto start here. And possibly a shortcut to desktop.

Then Apply. Then Next.

docker installation radarr

And now again on Apply.

radarr container

You can now access Radarr via http://ip-adress-nas:49157 This was the tutorial to installing Radarr Docker. You can now proceed with the tutorial Configure Radarr Synology. This is the tutorial for the newsgroups.

Docker Radarr remove

If you no longer want to use Radarr on Docker, it is very simple to remove Radarr from Docker. Below I explain what you need to do to remove Radarr.

Open Docker.

docker radarr verwijderen

Go to Container. Select linuxserver-radarr1 Select Action and then Stop. And then Action again and then Delete.

radarr docker delete

Nu op Delete drukken.

radarr image delete

Now go to the Tab image. Select the image from Radarr. And select Delete. And then Delete again to confirm it. Radarr is now removed from your Docker.

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