Readarr Set up Debian to download books

In this tutorial Readarr setup Debian. We are going to set up Readar so that the desired E-books and Audio books are automatically downloaded from the newsgroups.

You must have the SABnzbd program installed on your Debian system. And you must be able to download from the newsgroups. If this is not yet the case, first see the tutorial Setting up SABnzbd Debian or Installing SABnzbd Debian.

Readarr Setting up Debian Media Management

Open the Readarr web page.

enable advanced settings radarr

Go to Settings, choose Media Management, then turn on Show Advanced.

readarr root directories setup debian

Check the box for Books deleted from disk are automatically unmonitored in Readarr.

Under Root Folder, click on the Plus sign.

set books readarr folders

Name give it the name books or something you want. This doesn’t matter.

At Path you specify a folder in which you want to save your books.

And then click Save.

save configuration Readarr

Don’t forget to regularly click Save Changes above if you have made any changes.

Create folders for Readarr

If you have not yet created a folder, create it as follows.

sudo mkdir /downloads/books

Set permissions correctly on the folder.

sudo chown -R username /downloads/books

indexers Readarr setup Debian

You need an indexer. So that Readarr knows where he can download the NZB file from. These indexers search the newsgroups for new uploads.

indexers menu readarr Configure readarr Debian

Go to Settings, choose Indexers.

Click on the Plus icon.

Debian readarr add newznab

Then select Newznab.

set up newznab Readarr

You now need to enter the details of your Newznab server. If you don’t have one yet, see the list of Newznab servers. The more you add, the more likely your audiobooks and books will be found in the newsgroups.

Click Test, and then Save. To see if everything went well.

retention readarr configure debian

Minimum age 10 minutes.

Maximum Size 3000 is more than enough. If you only download E-books, this can be a lot smaller, for example 300MB. This increases the chance that less good books will be downloaded.

Retention The retention of your Usenet provider. You can often find this information on the website of your usenet provider. This is usually three years, or more nowadays.

Click Save.

Profiles Readarr Debian setup

We are now going to set up the profiles for the desired jellyfish time that you want to download

Readarr media management debian

Click on Settings, and then Profiles.

We are going to modify a standard profile.

set profiles readarr

Click eBook.

set up ebooks readarr

This is something you have to configure to your own taste, and what your device supports. The extensions below are for E-books. The rest is for Audio books, you create a separate profile for that.

AZW3 format is from Amazon.

EPUB Supported by most E-books readers.

Mobi is an old format and is no longer being developed. If your e-reader supports it, I would leave it on. The greater the chance that your desired download will be found.

PDF This is supported by almost every device.

Check the box UpgradesAllowed. Readarr then stops searching when the top result is reached.

You can adjust the order by clicking on the 3 lines with your mouse. If desired.

Click Save.

set audiobooks readarr

Choose Spoken for Audiobooks if you want to download them automatically.

Check the box here as well UpgradesAllowed. This causes Readarr to stop searching when the top result is reached.

You have to find out for yourself whether your device can handle these audio formats. Flac often causes problems. But this is excellent audio quality.

set readarr profiles

Now at the bottom of Release Profiles, press the Plus icon.

readarr filter releases set

At Must Contain you can indicate what should be present in the release name.

Must not Contain can block your releases from certain release groups.

And click Save. You will probably need to adjust this later, if Readarr downloads unwanted books.

Configure Readarr download program

Now we go to Download clients. So that we can link Readarr to the SABnzbd program.

download program sabnzbd readarr setup debian

Click on the Plus icon.

sabnzbd readarr configurere

Select SABnzbd.

You now need to open SABNzbd, because you need some data from your SABnzbd installation. This data is different for everyone.

In SABnzbd, click on the Gear icon. Go to the categories tab.

Add sabnzbd to readarr

Add a Readarr category. You can also do this without it. But then you must also leave this empty when adding Sabznbd.

sabnzbd settings for readarr ubuntu

And then under the general tab in SABNZBD, you can find the above information you need.

readarr sabnzbd setup

Now go back to Readarr. Fill in the above information.

Click Test and then Save. If the test fails. Please check the details again in SABnzbd. Of course, SABNbd must also be enabled.

readarr retry downloads setup

Make sure the above is on. So that a new download is attempted if a download fails. Your Newznab provider must support this. But nowadays they all support this.

Automatically download books with Readarr

Now we can add the desired books that you want to download from the newsgroups.

add readarr book

Now go to Library. then ADD New.

You can search for a book name and the author will appear. Click here.

writer add ebooks readarr

Now the next screen comes up. Here you can indicate whether you want the Audiobooks or the E-books. You can’t do both for the same writer. You then have to install a second Readarr and run it next to it on a different port, of course. It is best to use one for audio books and one for written books.

Check the box Start search for missing books. And then click on the green button to add the desired writer. It will now automatically search for all books by this author. This may take a while, please be patient. Depending on how many Newznab providers you have added, filters and whether the book is wanted.

books readarr overview

Now if you go to Books. Then you will see all the books by this author.

This was the Readarr setup tutorial in Debian. If you run into any issues, please leave a comment. And see also the Readarr FAQ.

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