Install Lidarr Synology to Download Music Automatically

In this tutorial how to install Lidarr Synology. We are going to install Lidarr on a Synology system to automatically download music from the newsgroups. We are doing this on a DSM 6 System but DSM 7 will be about the same.

Add Lidarr installation option

Before we can start installing Lidarr on your Synolgy. First we need to add the ability to install Lidarr.

synology package centerum icon

If you are logged in, go to the Package Center.

Synology Settings

Then choose Settings.


Select Any Publisher

image 1

Go to the Package Resources tab. And now click Add. Please enter a name . And at location, enter the following “” Now click OK. And one more time OK.

Install Lidarr Synology

Now we can start the installation of Lidarr.

package center synology.

Go to it PackageCenter.

Synology Community

If you scroll down this screen. Then you will see a Community button. Click here.

Lidarr install synology

And then on the right you will see an icon with Install Lidarr .

Choose to install.

image 4

You will then get the above screen. Then click Ok.

image 5

You will then see the above screen twice. For ffMpeg and Chromaprint. You don’t have to do anything.

image 6

Tick the box here. And click Next.

image 7

Click next again.

image 8


image 9

Now click Install.

Lidarr is now installed on your Synology.

And you can access it via http://synology-ips-adress:8686/

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