Eweka Usenet provider download from the newsgroups

Eweka Usenet paid usenet provider

Eweka is the best-known Dutch Usenet provider. You can download a lot with this for little money. Because there is no data limit and the maximum speed is 300Mbit.

Advantages of this Usenet provider

  1. More than 150,000 newsgroups.
  2. Access over port 119 and with SSL 563
  3. SSL is supported.
  4. No cancellation period.
  5. Cheap.
  6. No data limit.
  7. 3800 days retention.
  8. Paypal supported

News server settings Eweka

Eweka server address: news.eweka.nl
SSL port: 563
Default port: 119

Eweka account settings

Beware! If you want to upload, you must log in to the website. And then enable Posting. This also ensures that you can leave a comment on SpotNet.


It is possible to create a ticket via the website.

Speed Eweka

The speed is very stable and amounts to a maximum of 300 Mbit. This is more than enough for most users. Unless you use fiberglass. However, you cannot watch your downloaded movie faster before a new one is downloaded.

Conclusion is Eweka good?

Eweka is a good reliable source for downloading from the newsgroups. You can use Eweka as the main server. Because you can download unlimited. And the speed is very good. It sometimes happens that something is incomplete due to DMCA. But nowadays you have that with every usenet provider. If you your download is less then 24 hours old. You do not have DMCA problems Afther 24 hours Then it differs per download. No logs are kept. It is possible to pay with credit card and sms

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