Synology tutorials for Usenet Torrent and Subtitles

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This is an overview of Synology tutorials that can be found on this website. Pay close attention! Thare are Synology tutorials for DSM versions 5 and 6 available From DSM 6, security is tightened. So the settings of version 5 can no longer work.

Usenet Download Clients

NZBGet Tip!

This program is used to download files from the newsgroups. You can best use NZBGet instead of SABNZBD. This is because NZBGet eats less speed from your Synology.

  1. Install NZBGet DSM 6.
  2. Configuring NZBGet DSM 6.
  1. Install NZBGet. (DSM 5)
  2. Configure NZBGet. (DSM 5)
  1. NZBGet downloads with password do not download Synology.
  1. optimize NZBget for Synology.


This program is used for downloading from the newsgroups.

  1. install SABNZBD on a Synology Nas.
  2. Configure SABnzbd on Synology .
  3. Get SABNZBD working on DSM6.

Download Torrent Clients

This is a webassed torrent client.

Torrent Transmission

  1. Install Torrent Transmission Synology.
  2. Configureren Torrent Transmission Synology NAS.
  3. Torrent transmission as backup in Sonarr.

Automatic Download programs


CouchPotato is used to automatically download movies as soon as they are posted in the newsgroups.

  1. Install CouchPotato Synology.
  2. Configure CouchPotato Synology.


  1. Get CouchPotato working on DSM6.


LazyLibrarian makes it possible to automatically download e-books from the newsgroups.

  1. Install LazyLibrarian.


Mylar is used to automatically download comic books from the newsgroups.

  1. Install Mylar Synology .


With SickRage it is possible to automatically download TV series from the newsgroups and via Bittorent files.

  1. Install SickRage DSM 6.
  2. Configuring SickRage DSM 6.
  1. Install SickRage DSM 5.
  2. Configure SickRage Synology with SABnzbd DSM 5.


With Sonarr it is possible. To automatically download TV episodes from the newsgroups, and via Bittorent files.

Install Sonarr with NZBGet

  1. install Sonarr on a Synology Nas system.
  2. Configure Sonarr on a Synology nas.
  1. Get Sonarr working with DSM 6.

Install Sonar with SABNZBD.

  1. Install Sonarr on a Synology.
  2. Configure Sonarr with SABnzbd Synology.


  1. Install Radarr


Headphones make it possible to automatically download music albums from the newsgroups and via bittorent files.

  1. Install Headphones Synology.


SpotWeb is a SpotNet client that works in a Web browser. The advantage of this is. That you can use SpotWeb as a Newznab server. This increases the chance that your favorite music albums, TV series and films will be downloaded.

  1. Install SpotWeb Synology. (DSM 6)
  2. Configure SpotWeb Synology. (DSM 6)
  3. Get SpotWeb working on DSM 6. This is only necessary if it doesn’t work on your Synology. This can happen, for example. If you upgrade from DSM 5 to DSM 6.
  4. Solve SpotWeb Known issues Synology.

Subtitle Tools

Install Subliminal

  1. Install Subliminal Synology. This is a program to automatically download subtitles for movies.

Install and configure Auto-Sub

This is a program to automatically download subtitles for TV series.

  1. Install Auto-Sub Synology
  2. Install Auto-Sub Synology manually

Other Synology Manuals

These are Synology manuals that don’t fit anywhere else.

  1. Synology Package Resources Overview. This is an overview where you can download installation files for Synology.
  2. install Plex on a Synology NAS.
  3. Rasberry pi rights on Synology folders.